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The module Threat Map, created in the Tecninf cyber security laboratories, has the purpose to visualize the map of world attacks (type WORLD), or attacks brought to the local infrastructure (type LOCAL). As a detail view the types of attacks most frequent and the countries that send the most attacks.

The intelligence you need.

We are a team of experts from all over the world, specialized in cyber security in institutional and military fields, with a natural inclination towards very innovative future scenarios.

Ours mission is to identify and anticipate the problem to arrive at the solution. We offer state-of-the-art joint services, such as P enetration Testing and digital forensic analysis , to which we combine deep expertise in the fields of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence .


Our security solutions,
before you need them.

Compliance Audit

Consulting services aimed at organizations for the verification of their procedures, evaluated according to the main standards and best practices.


Software code revision activity in different modalities, static and dynamic

Security Application Developer

Security software development for institutional and military environments

Soc Service

Creation of Security Operation Center services, with the design and management of the different levels of analysis

OSINT – Open Source Intelligence

OSINT Investigation Activities following security incidents related to institutional and military entities

Digital Forensic Investigation

Active and passive investigation of corporate security incidents using Open tools and reference tools

Malware analysis service

Malicious Payload analysis following security incidents at institutional and military entities


When you need them

Laboratorio per la valutazione della sicurezza

Application management

Analysis, fix , support, monitoring and maintenance of the service


Business Analytics

Integrated result analysis via control and performance evaluation methodology


Big Data and AI

Predictive analysis, algorithms and Artificial Intelligence in scope cyber security and Data Science


Cyber Security

Analysis and strengthening corporate networks using techniques Assesment and Penetration testing avant-garde


Academy Tecninf

Technical-specialist courses aimed at company placement



Analysis and design of mobile systems, through the use of innovative technologies and methodologies


Innovation and safety in your mailbox, before the others < span class = "NormalTextRun SCXW224998316 BCX7">.