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Corporate and Public Administration services

Our professional advice, before you need it.

We not only anticipate IT security. Tecninf offers services, solutions and products in ICT for anyone from SMEs to professional firms to the public administration.


Professional services

We develop systemic applications and software systems thanks to proprietary and open source platforms. We also offer systemic consulting services on multi-vendor networks and systems.


Business Intelligence & Datawarehousing


Application Integration

The experience acquired in the creation and delivery of multiple solutions and a consolidated knowledge of productive processes allows our Tecninf team to be able to support the client in its strategic architectural choices.



Our training programs, IT security professional courses and specialised IT courses are created to offer organic formative solutions adaptable to any organisational scenario.
Each course deals with single aspects of IT security, starting with context analysis, identifying critical points that must be faced and offering applicable solutions and techniques to each case.


Content Management System

We offer innovative systems to easily and effectively allow dynamic application/website content design, creation and management. Applications are an ideal choice for organisations who want maximum content management autonomy of portals or corporate websites. These can also be personalised based on the client’s needs and characteristics.

Laboratorio per la valutazione della sicurezza