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The java developer: an increasingly popular figure who offers young people great opportunities

The java developer: an increasingly popular figure who offers young people great opportunities

One of the central professions in the computer world is the Java developer. It is in fact an extremely requested figure, since the Java language, which dominates 4% of the world market. The second language of computer programming in the business environment most used by multinationals and companies, especially in the e-commerce and banking sector, it is preferred, despite being difficult to manage and learn, above all for its robustness and therefore for the ability to withstand a large number of users.

In fact, deciding to invest in a career in Java programming allows you to take different paths, entering many sectors of the national and international market, from security to banking, from the world of videogames to that of mobile applications, and many more.


The work of a Java programmer develops on several levels

  • front-end developer that is the person who takes care of the user interface, in other words that part of the website with which the user interacts;
  • back-end developer instead indicates a developer who creates the foundations of a site, that part that the end user will never see but which is the basis of his browsing experience;
  • full-stack developer is instead the most complete programmer figure, since he has knowledge and skills both for the front end and back end side.

It is a difficult profession but full of stimuli: it is necessary to have an analytical, precise, scrupulous approach and have problem solving skills. With our specialization course, Tecninf focuses on the full-stack developer, refining and perfecting skills already in the possession of the participants, in order to offer a complete and in-depth preparation.

In fact, working with our projects, the Java developer will have to deal with websites, applications and databases with large user bases, and will therefore have to conduct tests, debug activities to correct malfunctions, intervene on codes developed by others.

How to get started? What are the training courses to undertake to meet the needs of the market? Surely a degree in computer science is a great starting point but, as in all professions, you never stop learning. And above all, experience “in the field” is fundamental.

We at Tecninf offer free training courses which, in the case of valid and suitable candidates, will result in a recruitment process. Our courses allow participants to gain “on the job” experience within company teams. To access it is necessary to have knowledge of programming logic, basics of JAVA, Database (sql) and be in possession of a Diploma or a Degree in IT disciplines


Candidates are supported by specialized tutors who will help them participate in the design, analysis and development of the code with the most popular methodologies and framework . Within the course, “design work” sessions are structured, which fully simulate a project and the entire life cycle of a software, dealing with topics, technologies and methodologies of working environments. A few examples? Among the skills that our candidates acquire are:

  • analysis and collection of requirements
  • front end and back end programming
  • testing and bug fixing phase
  • UAT
  • deploy

Activities that are accompanied by the study, deepening and application of the Java Base and Advanced and Web language, on Hibernate, Spring, Angular and database design and modeling.

At the end of the course, participants who have shown willingness to learn, seriousness and passion will enjoy another opportunity: that of being included in important company projects with a work contract.